Back Legs

Our standard range of finishes can be used with our back legs.

Alterations: in certain cases it is possible to make adjustments to stock legs if you require to achieve a certain height or design. Please contact us for more details.


stuff click Height: 200mm">Back Leg :: Code: QB8, <a href=stuff click Height: 200mm" />  see Height: 200mm">Back Leg with Top Square :: Code: QBT8, <a href=see Height: 200mm" />  
Optional Extras
Leg Glides Dowel Screw and Tee Nuts

Leg Glide ::

Dowel Screw and Tee Nut ::

Leg glides can be fitted to either back leg.
Dowel screws can be fitted on the top of the QB8 leg. 5/16" Whitworth is fitted as standard, illness metric can be supplied if requested. Tee nuts can be supplied to match dowel screws on legs.

Back Leg

Code: QB8

Height: 200mm

Back Leg :: Code: QB8  

Back Leg with Top Square

Code: QBT8

Height: 200mm

Back Leg with Top Square :: Code: QBT8